AEG 140062707025 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element

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2400 Watts (1700 Watts / 700 Watts) Ceramic Hotplate Element

The design of this element has changed. It is still a dual 1700 Watt / 700 Watt Ceramic Element

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Fits brand: AEG

Genuine Part: Yes

Replaces: 1250213946007, 3051618019, 3051656019, 3051712010, 3051741019, 3113400000, 3191486004, 3250754011, 3730002460, 3740754019, 3740754050, 3740754217, 3740754258, 3740754522, 3742901113, 3742901378, 3742901402, 3890703014, 3890703022, 3890703212, 3890703220, 3890743010, 3890743218, 3890826021, 3890846011

Wattage: 2400 Watts (1700 Watts / 700 Watts)

Dimensions: Diameter: 120/180mm

Fits models: 3215V-D, 3215V-W, 40005VD-MN, 40035VD-WC, 40045VD-MN, 40045VD-WN, 40107VE-WN, 41005VD-MN, 41035VD-WC, 42005VD-WN, 42116VE-WN, 43005VD-WN, 47005VC-MN, 47005VC-WN, 47035VD-MN, 47035VD-WN, 4703RVD-MN, 4703RVD-WN, 47045VD-MN, 47055VD-MN, 47055VD-WN, 5105V-W, 5110V-W, 5110W, 5120V-MA, 5120V-W, 61200M-BN AD4, 61200M-DN AD4, 61200M-MN, 61200M-MN 35I, 61200M-MN AD4, 61200M-MR AE9, 61200M-WN AD4, 6130 V-B, 6130 V-MA, 6130 V-W, 6130VMA, 6130V-MA, 6130VW, 6130V-W, 61700 M-MN X31, 61700M-MN 32I, 61700M-MN 41O, 61700M-MN X31, 61701 M-MC X46, 61701M-MC 43O, 61701M-MC 47I, 6172MF-N 42O, 6172MF-N 91L, 6172M-MN 15I, 6172M-MN 40O, 6172M-MN 77D, 6310DK-M, 6310K-M, 65400KF-AN 31A, 66200K-MN 05A / 05B, 66201KF-N 24F, 66400KF-AN 31F, 67100K-MN V64, 79200KF-N 10A / 10B, 81700K-AL X06, 81700K-MN X06, 81700M-ALN X08, 81700M-MN (AEG), 81700M-MN 82J, 81700M-MN X08, 81701M-MN F67, 86700K-AL HIC 80 90A, 86700K-IN 66D, 86700K-MN HIC 80, 91750M-MN 41I, 91750M-MN X09, C61603M-MR AG8, C61700M-AL X31, C61701M-MC X46, C67100K-IN, C67100K-MN AG1, D67000VF-M, D67000VF-W, D98000VF-M, D98000VF-W, FM4513KAN, FM6520AN, FM6520KAN, HM604030MB BN8, JHC80080X AS4

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