Arthur Martin 3192081044 Genuine Grill - Oven Element

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Genuine 2900 Watts (1000 Watts / 1900 Watts) Grill/Oven Element only for the Arthur Martin models as listed below

If your model number is not listed, please contact us using our chat system, or call us 0121-382-2305

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More Information

Fits brand: Arthur Martin

Genuine Part: Yes


Wattage: 2900 Watts (1000 Watts / 1900 Watts)


Fits models: AOB150N1, AOB150W1, AOB755N1, AOB755W1, AOB850N1, AOB850W1, CE6450W1, CE6482W1 ELE MUL.PYR, CE6922N1, CM6080W1, CM6154W1, CM6160-1, CM6160B1, CM6160W1, CM616BP1, CM616GP1, CM616WP1, CM6172-1, CM6172B1, CM6172W1, CM618NR1, CM618RR1, CM6912N1, CM6912W1, CV 6936N1, CV 6936W1, CV6480N1, CV6480W1, CV6490N1, CV6490W1 VITRO M.P, CV6936N1, CV6936W1, CV6950N1, E6568CPW1 ELEC.PYRO, E6578MPW1 ELEC.M.PY, FE0620G1 FAE P.AME, FE0620N1, FE0620N1 FAE P.AME, FE0620W1, FE0620X1 FAE P.AME, FE0660N1, FE0660W1, FE0660X1, FE0820G1 FAE M-P.A, FE0820N1 FAE M-P.A, FE0820P1 FAE M-P.A, FE0820W1 FAE M-P.A, FE0820X1 FAE M-P.+T, FE0830N1 FAE M-P.A, FE0830W1 FAE M-P.A, FE0840G1 FAE M-P.A, FE0840N1 FAE M-P.A, FE0840W1 FAE M-P.A, FE0840X1 FAE M-P.A, FE0860G1 FAE M-P.A, FE0860N1, FE0860N1 FAE M-P.A, FE0860W1, FE0860W1 FAE M-P.A, FE0860X1 FAE M-P.A, FE0880N1, FE0880N1 FAE M-P.A, FE0880W1, FE0880X1, FE0880X1 FAE M-P.A, FE1014N1, FE1014W1, FE1019N1, FE1019W1, FE2512X1, FE2514N1, FE2514W1, FE2519N1, FE2519W1, FE2549N1, FE2549W1, FE2598R1, FE2598W1, FE885RR1 FAE M-P.A, M647CPN1 3+1 PYRO, M648CPB1 3+1 PYRO, M648CPG1 3+1 PYRO, M648CPW1 3+1 PYRO, M6544CPW1 3+1 PYRO, M6548CPM1 3+1 P.AME, M6548CPT1 3+1 P.AME, M6548CPW1 3+1 P.AME, M6549CPN1 2+2 PYRO, M6558MPM1 3+1 M.P A, M6558MPT1 3+1 M.P A, M6558MPW1 3+1 M.P A, M6559MPN1 2+2 M.P A, V6588CPN1 PYR.CLAS., V6588CPW1 PYR.CLAS., V6598MPN1 M.PYRO VI, V6598MPW1 M.PYRO VI, Z6538CPW1 4G+F.ELEC

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