Bauknecht C00311196 Fan Oven Element

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Genuine Irca 2000 Watts Fan Oven Element only for the Bauknecht model numbers as listed below

If your model number is not listed, please contact us using our chat system, or call us 0121-382-2305

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More Information

Fits brand: Bauknecht

Genuine Part: Yes

Replaces: 480121101186, 481225998406, 481925928795, 481925928822, 481925928874

Wattage: 2000 Watts

Dimensions: Height: 220mm Width: 190mm Bracket: 70mm Tags: 25mm

Fits models: 9BROV6002A, AKP617IX, AKP617NB, AKP619NB, AKP724IX, AKP724NB, AKP724WH, BCTMS 9100 IXL, BCTMS 9101 PT, BCTMS9100IXL, BCTMS9101PT, BCVE 8200 PT, BCVE8200PT, BCVMS 8100 PT, BCVMS8100PT, BELS 3000 BR, BELS 3000 IN, BELS 3000 SW, BELS 3000 WS, BELS 3000/IN, BELS 3000/SW, BELS 3000/WS, BELS3000/IN, BELS3000/SP, BELS3000/SP, BELS3000/SP, BELS3000/SW, BELS3000/WS, BELS3000BR, BELS3000IN, BELS3000SW, BELS3000WS, BEMZ 3000 BR, BEMZ 3000 IN, BEMZ 3000 SW, BEMZ 3000 WS, BEMZ 3000/IN, BEMZ 3000/SW, BEMZ 3000/WS, BEMZ3000/IN, BEMZ3000/IN, BEMZ3000/SP, BEMZ3000/SW, BEMZ3000/WS, BEMZ3000BR, BEMZ3000IN, BEMZ3000SW, BEMZ3000WS, BIVMS 8100 IXL, BIVMS 8100 PT, BIVMS8100IXL, BIVMS8100PT, BLC 8201 IN, BLC8201IN, BLCE 7103/PT, BLCE 7106/ES, BLCE 7203 PT, BLCE 8100 IXL, BLCE7103/PT, BLCE7106/ES, BLCE7203PT, BLCE8100IXL, BLCES 8250 IN, BLCES8250IN, BLCK 8201 IN, BLCK 8250 IN, BLCK 8251 IN, BLCK8201IN, BLCK8250IN, BLCK8251IN, BLIMS 9100 IXL, BLIMS9100IXL, BLPE 7103/PT, BLPE 7104/PT, BLPE 7154 ES, BLPE 8100 PT, BLPE 8200 PT, BLPE 8200/IN, BLPE7103/PT, BLPE7104/PT, BLPE7154ES, BLPE8100PT, BLPE8200/IN, BLPE8200PT, BLPES 8100 PT, BLPES8100PT, BLPM 8100/PT, BLPM 8110/PT, BLPM8100/PT, BLPM8110/PT, BLPMS 8100 IXL, BLPMS 8100 PT, BLPMS8100IXL, BLPMS8100PT, BLTMS 9100 IXL, BLTMS 9100 PT, BLTMS9100IXL, BLTMS9100PT, BLV 8200/PT, BLV 8202/ES, BLV8200/PT, BLV8202/ES, BLVD 6250/IN, BLVD6250/IN, BLVE 7103/PT, BLVE 8100/ES, BLVE 8100/EW, BLVE 8100/PT, BLVE 8110/PT, BLVE 8200/PT, BLVE7103/PT, BLVE8100/ES, BLVE8100/EW, BLVE8100/PT, BLVE8100ES, BLVE8100EW, BLVE8100PT, BLVE8110/PT, BLVE8200/PT, BLVE8200PT, BLVES 8100 EW, BLVES 8100 PT, BLVES 8200 PT, BLVES8100EW, BLVES8100PT, BLVES8200PT, BLVK 6200 IN, BLVK6200IN, BLVM 8100/PT, BLVM 8110/PT, BLVM8100/PT, BLVM8110/PT, BLVMS 8100 PT, BLVMS 8100 SW, BLVMS 9100 PT, BLVMS8100PT, BLVMS8100SW, BLVMS9100PT, BLVS 8200 PT, BLVS8200PT, BLZ 6200/IN, BLZ 7200/IN, BLZ6200/IN, BLZ6200IN, BLZ7200/IN, BLZ7200IN, BLZD 6250/IN, BLZD6250/IN, BLZD6250IN, BMZ 3000 BR, BMZ 3000 IN, BMZ 3000 SW, BMZ 3000 SW/01, BMZ 3000 WS, BMZ 3000/01 IN, BMZ 3003 IN, BMZ 3003 SW, BMZ 3003 WS, BMZ 4006 BR, BMZ 4006 IN, BMZ 4006 WS, BMZ 4006/01 AL, BMZ 4006/01 IN, BMZ3000 IN 01, BMZ3000 SW 01, BMZ3000 WS 01, BMZ3000/01IN, BMZ300001IN, BMZ3000BR, BMZ3000IN, BMZ3000IN01, BMZ3000SW, BMZ3000SW/01, BMZ3000SW01, BMZ3000WS, BMZ3000WS01, BMZ3003IN, BMZ3003SW, BMZ3003WS, BMZ4006 AL, BMZ4006/01AL, BMZ4006/01IN, BMZ4006AL, BMZ4006BR, BMZ4006IN, BMZ4006WS, BMZE 3000 BR, BMZE 3000 IX, BMZE 3000 SP, BMZE 3000 SW, BMZE 3000 WS, BMZE 3005 IN, BMZE 3005 NB, BMZE 3005 WS, BMZE3000BR, BMZE3000IX, BMZE3000SP, BMZE3000SW, BMZE3000WS, BMZE3005 IN, BMZE3005 SW, BMZE3005 WS, BMZE3005IN, BMZE3005NB, BMZE3005SW, BMZE3005WS, BO360ARRNA, BSZ 3000 BR/01, BSZ 3000 IN 01, BSZ 3000 IN/01, BSZ 3000 SW/01, BSZ 3000 WS/01, BSZ 4007 IN, BSZ 4007 SW, BSZ 4707 IN, BSZ 4707 SW, BSZ 4707 WS, BSZ 5909/IN, BSZ3000 WS 01, BSZ3000BR/01, BSZ3000IN/01, BSZ3000IN01, BSZ3000SW/01, BSZ3000WS/01, BSZ3000WS01, BSZ4007 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8160 PT, ELC 8260 PT, ELC8160PT, ELC8260PT, ELCE 7153 ES, ELCE 7163/ES, ELCE 7164/PT, ELCE 7166/ES, ELCE 7253 PT, ELCE7153ES, ELCE7163/ES, ELCE7164/PT, ELCE7166/ES, ELCE7253PT, ELCES 8160 PT, ELCES 8250 IN, ELCES8160PT, ELCES8250IN, ELCK 7250 PT, ELCK 7252 PT, ELCK 7253 PT, ELCK 7263/IN, ELCK 7263/PT, ELCK 8250 IN, ELCK7250PT, ELCK7252PT, ELCK7253PT, ELCK7263/IN, ELCK7263/PT, ELCK8250IN, ELCPE 7263/IN, ELCPE 8260 PT, ELCPE7263/IN, ELCPE8260PT, ELCPES 8160 PT, ELCPES8160PT, ELIE 7153 ES, ELIE 7163/IN, ELIE 7163/PT, ELIE 7166/ES, ELIE 7253 IN, ELIE 8160/PT, ELIE7153ES, ELIE7163/IN, ELIE7163/PT, ELIE7166/ES, ELIE7253IN, ELIE8160/PT, ELIES 7253 PT, ELIES 8160 PT, ELIES7253PT, ELIES8160PT, ELPE 7263/IN, ELPE 8160 PT, ELPE7263/IN, ELPE8160PT, ELV 8145 PT, ELV 8160/PT, ELV 8260/PT, ELV 8260/WS, ELV8145PT, ELV8160/PT, ELV8260/PT, ELV8260/WS, ELVD 6250/IN, ELVD 7163/PT, ELVD 7263/IN, ELVD 7265/BR, ELVD 7265/IN, ELVD 7265/WS, ELVD6250/IN, ELVD7163/PT, ELVD7263/IN, ELVD7265/BR, ELVD7265/IN, ELVD7265/WS, ELVE 7163/IN, ELVE 8160/PT, ELVE7163/IN, ELVE8160/PT, ELZ 6160 IN, ELZ 6160 IN-1, ELZ 6160/IN, ELZ 6160/IN/01, ELZ 6260 AL, ELZ 6260 IN, ELZ 6260 SW, ELZ 6260 WS, ELZ 6260/AL, ELZ 6260/IN, ELZ 6260/SW, ELZ 6260/WS, ELZ 7260 IN, ELZ 7260/IN, ELZ6160/IN, ELZ6160/IN/01, ELZ6160IN, ELZ6160IN01, ELZ6160IN-1, ELZ6260/AL, ELZ6260/IN, ELZ6260/SW, ELZ6260/WS, ELZ6260AL, ELZ6260IN, ELZ6260SW, ELZ6260WS, ELZ7260/IN, ELZ7260IN, ELZD 5263/IN, ELZD 6250/IN, ELZD 6263 IN, ELZD 6264/IN, ELZD 6265/BR, ELZD 6265/IN, ELZD 6265/WS, ELZD5263/IN, ELZD5263IN, ELZD5264/IN, ELZD6250/IN, ELZD6250IN, ELZD6263IN, ELZD6264/IN, ELZD6265/BR, ELZD6265/IN, ELZD6265/WS, ELZD6265BR, ELZD6265IN, ELZD6265WS, ELZE 3498 SW, ELZE 3498 WS, ELZE3498SW, ELZE3498WS, EME 7470, EME7470, EMTA 3485 AV, EMTA 3485 IN, EMTA 3485 SW, EMTA 3485 WS, EMTA3485 BR, EMTA3485 IN, EMTA3485 WS, EMTA3485AV, EMTA3485BR, EMTA3485IN, EMTA3485SW, EMTA3485WS, EMV 3480 IN, EMV 3480 SW, EMV 3480 WS, EMV3460 IN, EMV3460 SW, EMV3460 WS, 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3480 SW, ESZW 3480 WS, ESZW3480BR, ESZW3480BR/01, ESZW3480BR01, ESZW3480SW, ESZW3480WS

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