Britannia A45889 Genuine Grill - Oven Element

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Genuine Irca 2450 Watts Oven and Grill Element

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Fits brand: Britannia

Genuine Part: Yes


Wattage: 2450 Watts

Dimensions: Height: 390mm Width: 330mm Bracket: 160mm Tags: 120/30mm

Fits models: Suitable 40cm Ranges, Suitable 60cm Ranges, Suitable 90cm Ranges, Suitable 100cm Ranges, Suitable 110cm Ranges, Suitable 120cm Ranges, Suitable 150cm Ranges, Classic Ranges, Dynasty Ranges, E Line Ranges, L Line Ranges, Sigma Ranges, SI E10T L S, SI10T6, SI-10T6, SI-10T6-CL-BB, SI-10T6-CL-BC, SI-10T6-CL-CB, SI-10T6-CL-CC, SI-10T6-CL-EB, SI-10T6-CL-EC, SI-10T6-CL-EG, SI-10T6-CL-GB, SI-10T6-CL-GC, SI-10T6-CL-GC-F, SI-10T6-CL-SC, SI-10T6-EG-BR, SI-10T6-EG-CH, SI-10T6-GRA-BR, SI-10T6-GRA-CH, SI-10T6-L-G, SI-10T6-SL-S, SI-10T6-SLX-C, SI-10T6-SLX-K, SI-10T6-SLX-S, SI10T6SS, SI-10T6-SS, SI-10TC-CL-BC, SI-10TC-CL-CB, SI-10TC-CL-CC, SI-10TC-CL-CC-F, SI-10TC-CL-EB, SI-10TC-CL-EC, SI-10TC-CL-GC, SI-10TC-CL-GC-F, SI-10TC-CL-SC, SI-10TC-L-S-F, SI-10TC-SL-S, SI-10TC-SLX-C, SI-10TC-SLX-K, SI-10TC-SLX-S, SI10TGGRACH, SI-10TG-GRA-CH, SI10TS/SS, SI-10XG6-CL-BC, SI-10XG6-CL-CB, SI-10XG6-CL-CC, SI-10XG6-CL-GB, SI-10XG6-CL-GC, SI-10XG6-CL-SC, SI-10XG6-DL-C, SI-10XG6-DL-K, SI-10XG6-DL-S, SI-10XG6-SLX-C, SI-10XG6-SLX-K, SI-10XG6-SLX-S, SI-10XGC-CL-CC, SI-10XGC-CL-GC, SI-10XGC-CL-RC, SI-10XGC-CL-SC, SI-10XGC-DL-C, SI-10XGC-DL-K, SI-10XGC-DL-S, SI-10XGC-SLX-C, SI-10XGC-SLX-K, SI-10XGC-SLX-S, SI11XG, SI-11XG, SI-11XGC-CL-CB, SI-11XGC-CL-CC, SI-11XGC-CL-GC, SI-11XGC-CL-RC, SI-11XGC-CL-SC, SI-11XGC-DL-C, SI-11XGC-DL-K, SI-11XGC-DL-S, SI-11XGC-SLX-C, SI-11XGC-SLX-K, SI-11XGC-SLX-S, SI-9T5-SLX-S, SI-CLSS-10T6, SI-CLSS-E10T, SI-D10T6-SS, SI-DE10T-SS, SIE10T, SI-E10T-EG-BR, SI-E10T-EG-CH, SI-E10T-GRA, SI-E10T-GRA-BR, SI-E10T-GRA-CH, SIE10TLS, SI-E10T-L-S, SI-E10T-MB-BR, SI-E10T-MB-CH, SI-E10T-SS, SI-INE10T-CL-CC, SI-INE10T-CL-GC, SI-INE10T-SLX-C, SI-INE10T-SLX-K, SI-INE10T-SLX-S, SI-INE10XG-CL-CC, SI-INE10XG-CL-GB, SI-INE10XG-CL-GC, SI-INE10XG-CL-SC, SI-INE10XG-DL-C, SI-INE10XG-DL-K, SI-INE10XG-DL-S, SI-INE10XG-SLX-C, SI-INE10XG-SLX-K, SI-INE10XG-SLX-S

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