Electrolux 3427517218 Genuine Grill - Oven Element

ElectroluxSKU: Electrolux17218-C54
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Genuine 2900 Watts Grill/Oven Element only for the Electrolux models as listed below

If your model number is not listed, please contact us using our chat system, or call us 0121-382-2305

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More Information

Fits brand: Electrolux

Genuine Part: Yes

Replaces: 3427517010

Wattage: 2900 Watts


Fits models: 41005GR-WN, 47005GR-MN, 47025GR-WN, 47035GR-MN, 47035GR-WN, 47635IP-MN, 94326570602, CVI3078W, DSO51ELGR, DSO51ELSS, DSO51ELW, EKC5001, EKC5002, EKC5004, EKC5004X, EKC5050, EKC510500W, EKC510501W, EKC511500W, EKC511501W, EKC513500W, EKC513501X, EKC513502W, EKC513503W, EKC513503X, EKC513505W, EKC513506W, EKC513506X, EKC513507W, EKC513507X, EKC513508W, EKC513508X, EKC513509W, EKC513509X, EKC513510W, EKC513511X, EKC513512W, EKC513513W, EKC513513X, EKC5601, EKC5602, EKC5603X, EKC5604, EKC5605, EKC5606X, EKC5607, EKC5608, EKC5609, EKC5610X, EKC5610XB, EKC5611X, EKC5612, EKC5613, EKC5614, EKC5616, EKC5616X, EKC5617, EKC5617X, EKC5618, EKD513500X, EKD513502X, EKD514500W, EKD514500X, EKE5001, EKE5003, EKE5010, EKE5020, EKE510100W, EKE510101W, EKE510104W, EKE510500W, EKE510503W, EKE511500W, EKE511502W, EKE5600, EKK5001, EKK5002, EKK5003, EKK5005, EKK5006, EKK5007, EKK5008, EKK5008X, EKK5009, EKK5010, EKK5012, EKK5014, EKK5014X, EKK5016X, EKK5019, EKK5020, EKK5022, EKK5023, EKK5023X, EKK5026X, EKK510102W, EKK510500W, EKK510501W, EKK510503W, EKK510503X, EKK510504W, EKK510504X, EKK510506W, EKK510507W, EKK510509W, EKK510510W, EKK510511W, EKK510512X, EKK510513X, EKK511500W, EKK511500X, EKK511501W, EKK511502W, EKK511502X, EKK511505W, EKK511506W, EKK511506X, EKK511507W, EKK511507X, EKK511508X, EKK513500W, EKK513501W, EKK513502W, EKK513503X, EKK513504W, EKK513504X, EKK513505W, EKK513505X, EKK513506W, EKK513507X, EKK513508W, EKK513508X, EKK513509X, EKK513510X, EKK513511X, EKK513512W, EKK513512X, EKK513513W, EKK513514W, EKK513516W, EKK513517X, EKK513518X, EKM5001, EKM5003X, EKM5030, EKM513501X, EKM513502W, EKM513503W, EKM513504X, EKM513505W, EKM513506W, EKV5600, EKV5601, EKV5602X, EKV5603, EKV5604, EKV5605X, ZCE560MW, ZCG566MW, ZCG566MX1, ZCG567MX1, ZCG568MX1

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