Electrolux 3871945105 Genuine Main Oven Door Seal

ElectroluxSKU: Electrolux945105-US40-B
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Genuine 4 Sided Main Oven Door Seal only for the Electrolux model numbers as listed below

If your model number is not listed, please contact us using our chat system, or call us 0121-382-2305

Sale price£22.99
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More Information

Fits brand: Electrolux

Genuine Part: Yes

Replaces: 3303841005, 3304363017, 3304365012, 3304920022, 3304920188, 3871945006, 8996619265078



Fits models: E6831-4-A, EBEGL40CN, EBEGL40SP, EBEGL40WS, EBEGL40XCN, EBEGL40XSP, EBEGL40XWS, EBEL20CN, EBEL20SW, EBEL20WS, EBEL40CN, EBEL40SW, EBEL40WS, EBEL40XCN, EBEL40XSW, EBEL40XWS, EBESL60 CN, EBESL60CN, EBESL60SW, EBESL60SW/SP, EBGL4 CN, EBGL4 SW, EBGL4 SW/SP, EBGL4 WS, EBGL40 CN, EBGL40 SW/SP, EBGL40 WE, EBGL40CN, EBGL40S SP, EBGL40SP, EBGL40SSP, EBGL40SW/SP, EBGL40WE, EBGL40X CN, EBGL40X SW, EBGL40X SW/SP, EBGL40X WS, EBGL40XCN, EBGL40XS CN, EBGL40XSCN, EBGL40XSP, EBGL40XSW, EBGL40XSW/SP, EBGL40XWE, EBGL40XWS, EBGL4CN, EBGL4SP, EBGL4SW, EBGL4SW/SP, EBGL4WE, EBGL4WS, EBGL4X BR, EBGL4X CN, EBGL4X SW, EBGL4X SW/SP, EBGL4X WS, EBGL4XBR, EBGL4XCN, EBGL4XS CN, EBGL4XSCN, EBGL4XSP, EBGL4XSW, EBGL4XSW/SP, EBGL4XWE, EBGL4XWS, EBGL5WE, EBGL5WSW, EBGL5X CN, EBGL5X SW, EBGL5X SW/SP, EBGL5X WE, EBGL5X WS, EBGL5XCN, EBGL5XSP, EBGL5XSW, EBGL5XSW/SP, EBGL5XWE, EBGL5XWS, EBKGL4X CN, EBKGL4X SW, EBKGL4X SW/SP, EBKGL4XCN, EBKGL4XSP, EBKGL4XSW, EBKGL4XSW/SP, EBKGL4XWE, EBKGL4XWS, EBKL4X CN, EBKL4X SW, EBKL4X WS, EBKL4XCN, EBKL4XSW, EBKL4XWS, EBKSL6 CN, EBKSL6 SP, EBKSL6 SW, EBKSL6 SW/SP, EBKSL6CN, EBKSL6S CN, EBKSL6SCN, EBKSL6SP, EBKSL6SW, EBKSL6SW/SP, EBL2 CN, EBL2 SW, EBL2 WE, EBL2 WS, EBL20 CN, EBL20 SW, EBL20 WE, EBL20 WS, EBL20CN, EBL20SW, EBL20WE, EBL20WS, EBL2CN, EBL2SW, EBL2WE, EBL2WS, EBL4 CN, EBL4 SW, EBL4 WS, EBL40 CN, EBL40 SW, EBL40 WS, EBL40CN, EBL40SW, EBL40WE, EBL40WS, EBL40X CN, EBL40X SW, EBL40X WS, EBL40XCN, EBL40XSW, EBL40XWE, EBL40XWS, EBL4CN, EBL4SW, EBL4WE, EBL4WS, EBL4X CN, EBL4X SW, EBL4X WS, EBL4XCN, EBL4XSW, EBL4XWE, EBL4XWS, EBSL6 CN, EBSL6 SW, EBSL6 SW/SP, EBSL6 WE, EBSL6 WS, EBSL60 CN, EBSL60 SP, EBSL60 SW/SP, EBSL60CN, EBSL60S CN, EBSL60SCN, EBSL60SP, EBSL60SW/SP, EBSL6CN, EBSL6S CN, EBSL6SCN, EBSL6SP, EBSL6SW, EBSL6SW/SP, EBSL6WE, EBSL6WS, EBVGL4X SW, EBVGL4X SW/SP, EBVGL4X WE, EBVGL4X WS, EBVGL4XSP, EBVGL4XSW, EBVGL4XSW/SP, EBVGL4XWE, EBVGL4XWS, EBVGL5X CN, EBVGL5X SW, EBVGL5X SW/SP, EBVGL5X WE, EBVGL5X WS, EBVGL5XCN, EBVGL5XSP, EBVGL5XSW, EBVGL5XSW/SP, EBVGL5XWE, EBVGL5XWS, EBVSL6 SP, EBVSL6 SW, EBVSL6 SW/SP, EBVSL6 WE, EBVSL6 WS, EBVSL60 CN, EBVSL60CN, EBVSL6SP, EBVSL6SW, EBVSL6SW/SP, EBVSL6WE, EBVSL6WES, EBVSL6WS, EHEGL40CN, EHEGL40SW, EHEGL40WS, EHEGL40XCN, EHEGL40XSP, EHEGL40XWS, EHEL40-4CN, EHEL40-4SW, EHEL40-4WE, EHEL40XCN, EHEL40XSW, EHEL40XWS, EHGL40-4 CN, EHGL40-4 SW/SP, EHGL40-4 WE, EHGL40-4CN, EHGL40-4SP, EHGL40-4SW/SP, EHGL40-4WE, EHGL40S-4 SP, EHGL40S-4SP, EHGL40X -4 SW, EHGL40X-4 CN, EHGL40X-4 SW/SP, EHGL40X-4 WE, EHGL40X-4 WS, EHGL40X4CN, EHGL40X-4CN, EHGL40X4SP, EHGL40X-4SW, EHGL40X-4SW/SP, EHGL40X4WE, EHGL40X-4WE, EHGL40X-4WS, EHGL4-4 CN, EHGL4-4 SW, EHGL4-4 SW/SP, EHGL4-4 WE, EHGL4-4 WS, EHGL4-4CN, EHGL44SP, EHGL4-4SP, EHGL4-4SW, EHGL4-4SW/SP, EHGL4-4WE, EHGL4-4WS, EHGL4X-4 BR, EHGL4X-4 CN, EHGL4X-4 SW, EHGL4X-4 SW/SP, EHGL4X-4 WE, EHGL4X-4 WS, EHGL4X-4BR, EHGL4X-4CN, EHGL4X-4SP, EHGL4X-4SW, EHGL4X-4SW/SP, EHGL4X-4WE, EHGL4X-4WS, EHGL5X-4 CN, EHGL5X-4 SW, EHGL5X-4 SW/SP, EHGL5X-4 WE, EHGL5X-4 WS, EHGL5X-4CN, EHGL5X-4SP, EHGL5X-4SW, EHGL5X-4SW/SP, EHGL5X-4WE, EHGL5X-4WS, EHK10-4 SW, EHK10-4 WE, EHK10-4 WS, EHK10-4SW, EHK10-4WE, EHK10-4WS, EHK1-3 SW, EHK1-3 WS, EHK1-3 WS 230V, EHK1-3-230V WE, EHK1-3-230VWE, EHK1-3-400V SW, EHK1-3-400V WE, EHK1-3-400VSW, EHK1-3-400VWE, EHK1-3SW, EHK1-3WE, EHK1-3WS, EHK1-3WS230V, EHK1-4 SW, EHK1-4 WS, EHK1-4 WS 230V, EHK1-4-230V WE, EHK1-4-230VWE, EHK1-4-400V SW, EHK1-4-400V WE, EHK1-4-400VSW, EHK1-4-400VWE, EHK1-4SW, EHK1-4WE, EHK1-4WS, EHK1-4WS230V, EHK2-2 WE, EHK2-2 WS, EHK2-2WE, EHK2-2WS, EHK2-3 SW, EHK2-3 WE, EHK2-3 WS, EHK2-3SW, EHK2-3WE, EHK2-3WS, EHK2-4 BR, EHK2-4 SW, EHK2-4 WE, EHK2-4 WS, EHK2-4BR, EHK2-4SW, EHK2-4WE, EHK2-4WS, EHK4-4 SW, EHK4-4 WS, EHK4-4SW, EHK4-4WS, EHL20-4 CN, EHL20-4 SW, EHL20-4 WE, EHL20-4 WS, EHL20-4CN, EHL20-4SW, EHL20-4WE, EHL20-4WS, EHL2-3 BR, EHL2-3 WE, EHL2-3 WS, EHL2-3BR, EHL2-3WE, EHL2-3WS, EHL2-4 BR, EHL2-4 CN, EHL2-4 SW, EHL2-4 WE, EHL2-4 WS, EHL2-4BR, EHL2-4CN, EHL2-4SW, EHL2-4WE, EHL2-4WS, EHL2S7000W, EHL2X-4 SW, EHL2X-4 WE, EHL2X-4 WS, EHL2X-4SW, EHL2X-4WE, EHL2X-4WS, EHL40-4 CN, EHL40-4 SW, EHL40-4 WE, EHL40-4 WS, EHL40-4CN, EHL40-4SW, EHL40-4WE, EHL40-4WS, EHL40X-4 CN, EHL40X-4 SW, EHL40X-4 WE, EHL40X-4 WS, EHL40X4CN, EHL40X-4CN, EHL40X4SW, EHL40X-4SW, EHL40X4WE, EHL40X-4WE, EHL40X-4WS, EHL4-4 CN, EHL4-4 SW, EHL4-4 WE, EHL4-4 WS, EHL4-4CN, EHL4-4SW, EHL44WE, EHL4-4WE, EHL4-4WS, EHL4X-4 CN, EHL4X-4 SW, EHL4X-4 WE, EHL4X-4 WS, EHL4X-4CN, EHL4X-4SW, EHL4X-4WE, EHL4X-4WS, EHSL6 CN, EHSL6 SW, EHSL6 SW/SP, EHSL6 WE, EHSL6 WS, EHSL60-4 CN, EHSL60-4 SP, EHSL60-4 WS, EHSL60-4CN, EHSL60-4SP, EHSL60-4WS, EHSL6-4 CN, EHSL6-4 SP, EHSL6-4 SW/SP, EHSL6-4 WE, EHSL6-4CN, EHSL6-4SP, EHSL6-4SW/SP, EHSL6-4WE, EHSL6CN, EHSL6SW, EHSL6SW/SP, EHSL6WE, EHSL6WS, EI24EW15KS, EKC63004W, EKC63304W, EKC63307X, EKC63314W, EKC63314X, EKC6650W, EKC6650-W, EKC6651W, EKC6651-W, EKC6652X, EKC6652-X, EKC6654X, EKE61004W, EKE63004W, EKE6620W, EKE6620-W, EKE6650-W, EKE6654W, EOB 2600 W, EOB 2620 W, EOB 2620 X, EOB 3610 K, EOB 3610 W, EOB 3610 X, EOB 3610XD, EOB 3612R, EOB 4612L, EOB 4612P, EOB 4612S, EOB 5620 W, EOB 5620 X, EOB 5632K, EOB 5632W, EOB 5632X, EOB 5665R, EOB 6620 K, EOB 6620 W, EOB 6620 X, EOB 6625WD, EOB 6625XD, EOB 6635K, EOB 6635X, EOB20000X, EOB20001W, EOB20001X, EOB22000W, EOB22000X, EOB2600W, EOB2600W BM, EOB2600WBM, EOB2600X BM, EOB2600XBM, EOB2600XDI, EOB2607W, EOB2610B, EOB2610W, EOB2610X, EOB2613W, EOB2620W, EOB2620X, EOB2627W, EOB2627X, EOB30000W, EOB30000X, EOB31000R, EOB31000X, EOB31001W, EOB31001X, EOB31001X0, EOB32000X, EOB32000X2, EOB32100K, EOB32100K6, EOB32100W6, EOB32100X, EOB32100X6, EOB33000W6, EOB33000X, EOB33000X6, EOB33100K, EOB33100K6, EOB33100W6, EOB33100X, EOB33100X6, EOB33300W, EOB33300W6, EOB33300X, EOB33300X6, EOB3610K, EOB3610W, EOB3610X, EOB3610XD, EOB3612R, EOB3612W, EOB3612X, EOB3630W, EOB3630X, EOB3634X, EOB3635X, EOB3637W, EOB3637X, EOB3638W, EOB3638X, EOB3660R, EOB42100W, EOB42100W6, EOB42100X, EOB42100X6, EOB43000X, EOB43000X6, EOB43100X, EOB43100X6, EOB43140X, EOB4612L, EOB4612P, EOB4612S, EOB4630K, EOB4630X, EOB4633W, EOB4633X, EOB47400X, EOB50100X, EOB51000B, EOB51000W, EOB51000X, EOB52100W, EOB52100X, EOB53000B, EOB53000K, EOB53000R, EOB53000W, EOB53000X, EOB53020X, EOB53100W, EOB53100X, EOB54000X, EOB5600B, EOB5600W, EOB5600X, EOB5608X, EOB5610B, EOB5610K, EOB5610W, EOB5610X, EOB5620AB, EOB5620AC, EOB5620AW, EOB5620W, EOB5620X, EOB5625W, EOB5625X, EOB5627K, EOB5627S, EOB5627W, EOB5627X, EOB5630B, EOB5630K, EOB5630W, EOB5630X, EOB5632K, EOB5632W, EOB5632X, EOB5647K, EOB5647W, EOB5647X, EOB5660R, EOB5665G, EOB5665R, EOB62300W, EOB62300X, EOB63000W, EOB63000X, EOB63002K, EOB63002W, EOB63002X, EOB63003X, EOB63100K, EOB63100W, EOB63100X, EOB63100X06, EOB63100XT, EOB63103X, EOB63120X, EOB63120X6, EOB63300X, EOB63300X06, EOB64100A06, EOB64100K, EOB64100K06, EOB64100W, EOB64100W06, EOB64100X, EOB64100X06, EOB64101A06, EOB64101W06, EOB64101X, EOB64101X06, EOB64140K, EOB64140U, EOB64140W, EOB64140X, EOB64201X, EOB64340W, 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GHGL40-4.5SW/SP, GHGL40-4.5WE, GHGL40-4.5WS, GHGL4045CN, GHGL4045SP, GHGL4045WE, GHGL404CN, GHGL404SP, GHGL404WE, GHGL4-4.5 CN, GHGL4-4.5 SW, GHGL4-4.5 SW/SP, GHGL4-4.5 WE, GHGL4-4.5 WS, GHGL4-4.5CN, GHGL4-4.5SW, GHGL4-4.5SW/SP, GHGL4-4.5WE, GHGL4-4.5WS, GHGL445CN, GHGL445SP, GHGL445WE, GHGL4-4CN, GHGL4-4SP, GHGL4-4WE, GHL2-4.5 SW, GHL2-4.5 WE, GHL2-4.5 WS, GHL2-4.5SW, GHL2-4.5WE, GHL2-4.5WS, GHL245SW, GHL245WE, GHL2-4SW, GHL2-4WE, GHL30-4.5 SW, GHL30-4.5 WE, GHL30-4.5 WS, GHL30-4.5SW, GHL30-4.5WE, GHL30-4.5WS, GHL3045SW, GHL3045WE, GHL30-4SW, GHL30-4WE, GHL3-4.5 SW, GHL3-4.5 WE, GHL3-4.5 WS, GHL3-4.5SW, GHL3-4.5WE, GHL3-4.5WS, GHL345SW, GHL345WE, GHL3-4SW, GHL3-4WE, QCE7288X

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