Juno 8996619265029 Genuine Grill - Oven Element

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2900 Watts (1000 Watts / 1900 Watts) Grill/Oven Element only for the Juno models as listed below

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Fits brand: Juno

Genuine Part: Yes

Replaces: 3192081010, 3192081085, 3302442045

Wattage: 2900 Watts (1000 Watts / 1900 Watts)

Dimensions: Height: 355mm Width: 375mm Bracket: 100mm Tags: 55/25mm Crossbar: 430mm

Fits models: JEB 221 B, JEB 221 E, JEB 221 S, JEB 221 W, JEB 221E, JEB 351E, JEB 351E SET, JEB 630 B, JEB 630 E, JEB 630 S, JEB 630 W, JEB 631 A, JEB 631 B, JEB 631 E, JEB 631 S, JEB 631 W, JEB 860 E, JEB 860 S, JEB 860 W, JEB 910E, JEB 950 E, JEB 970 E, JEB25311E, JEB2531E, JEB25321E R05, JEB2536 E, JEB3400 AF, JEB3400 B, JEB3400 E, JEB3400 S, JEB3400 W, JEB34001 E, JEB34001AF, JEB34001B, JEB34001S, JEB34001W, JEB34002AF R05, JEB34002B R05, JEB34002E R05, JEB34002W R05, JEB45311E, JEB45312E R05, JEB5530 A, JEB5530 B, JEB5530 E, JEB5530 S, JEB5530 W, JEB55301A, JEB55301A R05, JEB55301E, JEB55301E R05, JEB560B, JEB560E, JEB560S, JEB560W, JEB640B, JEB640E, JEB640S, JEB640W, JEB6550 A, JEB6550 B, JEB6550 E, JEB6550 S, JEB6550 W, JEB65501A, JEB65501E, JEB6560 A, JEB6560 E, JEB65601A, JEB65601E, JEB65901A R05, JEB65901E R05, JEB870S, JEB870W, JEB932 LE MAITRE, JEH 101 B, JEH 101 E, JEH 101 S, JEH 101 W, JEH 101E, JEH 201 B, JEH 201 E, JEH 201 S, JEH 201 W, JEH 201E, JEH 221 B, JEH 221 E, JEH 221 S, JEH 221 W, JEH 300 B, JEH 300 E, JEH 300 S, JEH 300 W, JEH 320B, JEH 320B SET, JEH 320E, JEH 320E SET, JEH 320W, JEH 320W SET, JEH 330 B, JEH 330 E, JEH 330 S, JEH 330 W, JEH 350 E, JEH 351B SET, JEH 351E, JEH 351W, JEH 351W SET, JEH 610 A, JEH 610 E, JEH 630 B, JEH 630 E, JEH 630 S, JEH 630 W, JEH 860 E, JEH 860 S, JEH 860 W, JEH 910 E, JEH 920 E, JEH 950 E, JEH 970 E, JEH100B, JEH100E, JEH100S, JEH100W, JEH101E, JEH200B, JEH200E, JEH200S, JEH200W, JEH201E, JEH220B, JEH220E, JEH220W, JEH2400 B, JEH2400 E, JEH2400 W, JEH2430 B, JEH2430 E, JEH2430 W, JEH2500 B, JEH2500 E, JEH2500 W, JEH2530 B, JEH2530 E, JEH2530 W, JEH25311E, JEH2531B, JEH2531E, JEH2531W, JEH25321E R05, JEH2536 B, JEH2536 E, JEH2536 W, JEH300B, JEH300E, JEH300S, JEH300W, JEH310B, JEH310E, JEH310S, JEH310W, JEH3200 AF, JEH3200 B, JEH3200 E, JEH3200 S, JEH3200 W, JEH32001AF, JEH32001B, JEH32001E, JEH32001S, JEH32001W, JEH32002B R05, JEH32002E R05, JEH32002W R05, JEH3400 AF, JEH3400 B, JEH3400 E, JEH3400 S, JEH3400 W, JEH34001AF, JEH34001B, JEH34001E, JEH34001S, JEH34001W, JEH34002AF R05, JEH34002B R05, JEH34002E R05, JEH34002W R05, JEH351B, JEH351E, JEH351E/JEC601E, JEH4500 B, JEH4500 E, JEH4500 S, JEH4500 W, JEH45001E, JEH45011E, JEH45012E R05, JEH4530 B, JEH4530 E, JEH4530 S, JEH4530 W, JEH45311B, JEH45311E, JEH45311W, JEH45312B R05, JEH45312E R05, JEH45312W R05, JEH500B, JEH500E, JEH500S, JEH500W, JEH520B, JEH520E, JEH520S, JEH520W, JEH530B, JEH530E, JEH530S, JEH530W, JEH5500 A, JEH5500 B, JEH5500 E, JEH5500 S, JEH5500 W, JEH55001A, JEH55001A R05, JEH55001E, JEH55001E R05, JEH5530 A, JEH5530 B, JEH5530 E, JEH5530 S, JEH5530 W, JEH55301A, JEH55301A R05, JEH55301E, JEH55301E R05, JEH610A, JEH610B, JEH610E, JEH610S, JEH610W, JEH640B, JEH640E, JEH640S, JEH640W, JEH6550 A, JEH6550 B, JEH6550 E, JEH6550 S, JEH6550 W, JEH65501A, JEH65501E, JEH6560 A, JEH6560 E, JEH65901A R05, JEH65901E R05, JEH730B, JEH7540 G, JEH75401G, JEH75401G R05, JEH870S, JEH870W, JOB1899X, JOB50000B DE ENV06, JOB50000W DE ENV06, JOB50000X DE ENV06, JOB50000X DE R08 AV, JOB53000B DE ENV06, JOB53000W DE ENV06, JOB53000X, JOB53000X DE AFIPRI, JOB53000X DE ENV06, JOB53000X DE R08 AF, JOB53100X, JOB53100X DE AFIPRI, JOB53100X DE ENV06, JOB53100X DE R08 AF, JOB63100A DE ENV06, JOB63100X DE ENV06, JOB63140A, JOB63140W, JOB63140X, JOB63140X AFIPRI, JOB63140X R08 AFIPRI, JON1899X, JON20000B DE ENV06, JON20000W DE ENV06, JON20000X DE ENV0, JON20000X DE R08 AF, JON50000B DE ENV06, JON50000W DE ENV06, JON50000X DE ENV06, JON50000X DE R08 AF, JON50100X DE, JON50100X DE R08 AF, JON53000B DE ENV0, JON53000R DE ENV06, JON53000W DE ENV0, JON53000X, JON53000X DE AFIPRI, JON53000X DE ENV0, JON53000X DE R08 AF, JON53100X, JON53100X DE AFIPRI, JON53100X DE ENV0, JON53100X DE R08 AF, JON60100X DE ENV0, JON60100X DE R08 AF, JON63100X DE ENV0, JON63140W, JON63140X, JON63140X AFIPRI, JON63140X R08 AFIPR, JTH 211 B, JTH 211 E, JTH 211 S, JTH 211 W, JTH 211E, JTH 212B EG, JTH 212E EG, JTH 212S EG, JTH 212W EG, JTH 3400B, JTH 3400E, JTH 3400W, JTH 4530B, JTH 4530E, JTH 4530W, JTH 541B EG, JTH 541E EG, JTH 541S EG, JTH 541W EG, JTH210B, JTH210E, JTH210S, JTH210W, JTH34001B, JTH34001E, JTH34001W, JTH45301B, JTH45301E, JTH45301W, JTH540B, JTH540E, JTH540S, JTH540W

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