Neff 00776016 Genuine Grill - Oven Element

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2800 Watts Grill/Oven Element only for the Neff model numbers as listed below

If your model number is not listed, please contact us using our chat system, or call us 0121-382-2305

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More Information

Fits brand: Neff

Genuine Part: Yes

Replaces: 00772055

Wattage: 2800 Watts


Fits models: C15MR02N0/20, C15MR02N0/21, C15MR02N0/22, C15MR02N0/26, C15MR02N0/35, C15MR02N0/38, C15MR02N0/40, C15MR02N0/43, C15MR02N0/48, C15MR02N0/49, C15MS22N0/22, C15MS22N0/26, C15MS22N0/35, C15MS22N0/38, C15MS22N0/40, C15MS22N0/43, C15MS22N0/48, C15MS22N0/49, C16MT23N0/26, C16MT23N0/38, C17MR02N0/01, C17MR02N0/20, C17MR02N0/22, C17MR02N0/26, C17MR02N0/35, C17MR02N0/38, C17MR02N0/40, C17MR02N0/43, C17MR02N0/48, C17MR02N0/49, C17MR02N0B/06, C17MR02N0B/20, C17MR02N0B/21, C17MR02N0B/22, C17MR02N0B/26, C17MR02N0B/35, C17MR02N0B/36, C17MR02N0B/38, C17MR02N0B/40, C17MR02N0B/43, C17MR02N0B/48, C17MR02N0B/49, C17MS22N0/20, C17MS22N0/22, C17MS22N0/26, C17MS22N0/35, C17MS22N0/38, C17MS22N0/40, C17MS22N0/43, C17MS22N0/48, C17MS22N0/49, C17MS32N0/26, C17MS32N0/38, C17MS32N0B/20, C17MS32N0B/21, C17MS32N0B/22, C17MS32N0B/26, C17MS32N0B/35, C17MS32N0B/38, C17MS36N0B/22, C17MS36N0B/26, C17MS36N0B/35, C17MS36N0B/38, C18MT22N0/22, C18MT22N0/26, C18MT22N0/35, C18MT22N0/38, C18MT23N0/26, C18MT23N0/38, C18MT27N0/26, C18MT27N0/38, C18MT33N0/35, C18MT37N0B/26, C18MT37N0B/38, C18QT27N0/22, C18QT27N0/26, C18QT27N0/38, C25MS22N0/26, C25MS22N0/38, C26MT23N0/26, C26MT23N0/38, C26MT23N0/40, C26MT23N0/43, C26MT23N0/49, C27MS22N0/22, C27MS22N0/26, C27MS22N0/38, C27MS22N0B/22, C27MS22N0B/26, C27MS22N0B/35, C27MS22N0B/38, C28MT23N0/26, C28MT23N0/38, C28MT27N0B/05, C28MT27N0B/20, C28MT27N0B/22, C28MT27N0B/26, C28MT27N0B/35, C28MT27N0B/38, C28QT27N0/22, C28QT27N0/26, C28QT27N0/35, C28QT27N0/38, C28QT27N0/40, C28QT27N0/43, C28QT27N0/48, C28QT27N0/49, C28QT27N0/52

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