Siemens 00358481 Compatible Grill - Oven Element

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SiemensSKU: Siemens8481-S10-A
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2300 Watts Grill/Oven Element only for the Siemens model numbers as listed below

If your model number is not listed, please contact us using our chat system, or call us 0121-382-2305

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Fits brand: Siemens

Genuine Part: No

Replaces: 00298538

Wattage: 2300 Watts

Dimensions: Height: 360mm Width: 390mm Bracket: 100mm Tags: 80/25mm

Fits models: HB16K54/01, HB16K55/01, HB16K55/05, HB16K64/01, HB25K54/01, HB25K55/01, HB25K55/05, HB25K64/01, HB28K54/01, HB28K55/01, HB28K55/05, HB28K64/01, HB28K65/01, HB28K70/01, HB90324GB/01, HB90325GB/01, HB90325GB/02, HB90354GB/01, HB90355GB/01, HB90355GB/02, HB90355GB/05, HB90364GB/01, HB90365GB/01, HB90365GB/02, HB90365GB/03, HB90424GB/01, HB90425GB/01, HB90425GB/02, HB90425GB/03, HB90454GB/01, HB90455GB/01, HB90455GB/02, HB90455GB/03, HB90455GB/05, HB90520GB/01, HB90520GB/02, HB90520GB/06, HB90524GB/01, HB90525GB/06, HB90526GB/01, HB90527GB/01, HB90540GB/01, HB90540GB/02, HB90540GB/06, HB90544GB/01, HB90554GB/01, HB90555GB/06, HB90556GB/01, HB90557GB/01, HB90557GB/05, HB90564GB/01, HB90565GB/06, HB90566GB/01, HB90567GB/01, HB91520GB/01, HB91524GB/01, HB91524GB/05, HB91524GB/06, HB91525GB/01, HB91526GB/01, HB91540GB/01, HB91544GB/01, HB91544GB/05, HB91550GB/01, HB91554GB/01, HB91554GB/06, HB91555GB/01, HB91556GB/01, HB91556GB/05, HB91564GB/01, HB91564GB/05, HB91564GB/06, HB91565GB/01, HB91566GB/01, HB95020/01, HB95024/01, HB95024/04, HB95024/06, HB95040/01, HB95044/01, HB95044/04, HB95044/06, HB95050/01, HB95054/01, HB95054/04, HB95054/06, HB95055/01, HB95055/05, HB95060/01, HB95064/01, HB95064/04, HB95064/06, HB96520GB/01, HB96540GB/01, HB96550GB/01, HB96556GB/01, HB96556GB/05, HB96560GB/01, HB96574GB/01, HB96574GB/04, HB96574GB/06, HB96575GB/01, HB96576GB/01, HB9TIA6GB/01, HB9TIA6GB/02, HB9TIA6GB/05, HB9TIA7GB/01, HB9TIA7GB/02

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