Zanussi 3565144015 Genuine Main Oven Door Seal

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Genuine Main Oven Door Seal only for the Zanussi model numbers as listed below

If your model number is not listed, please contact us using our chat system, or call us 0121-382-2305

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More Information

Fits brand: Zanussi

Genuine Part: Yes

Replaces: 3565121013, 50216763008, 50232839006



Fits models: BM315, BM315I, BM315W, BM902NE, BMC215, BMC215I, BMN315, BMS641X, BMS841W, BMS841X, BMX315, BST6A, BST6N, BST6W, BST6Y, EON866W, GIX, HM214A, HM214B, HM214S, HM214W, HM214X, HM216AL, HM216B, HM216S, HM216W, HM216X, HM224B, HM224S, HM224W, HM224X, HM497E, HM497EN, HM497EW, HM497EX, SNT11X, ZBC741N, ZBC741R, ZBC741W, ZBC745N, ZBC745W, ZBC762C, ZBC762N, ZBC848C, ZBC848CU, ZBC848G, ZBF260W, ZBF260X, ZBF360B, ZBF360W, ZBF360X, ZBF660B, ZBF660N, ZBF660W, ZBF660X, ZBF669SW, ZBF669SX, ZBF859N, ZBF859W, ZBF859X, ZBF860B, ZBF860W, ZBF860X, ZBF865B, ZBF865N, ZBF865W, ZBF865X, ZBM1401, ZBM140X, ZBM140XK, ZBM150X, ZBM170LX, ZBM170X, ZBM715B, ZBM715N, ZBM715W, ZBM715X, ZBM741N/1, ZBM741W, ZBM741W/1, ZBM741X/1, ZBM742N, ZBM742W, ZBM742X, ZBM761N/1, ZBM761SX, ZBM761SX1, ZBM761W/1, ZBM761X/1, ZBM762X, ZBM764N, ZBM764W, ZBM764X, ZBM770N, ZBM770W, ZBM770X, ZBM773N, ZBM773W, ZBM773X, ZBM775N, ZBM775W, ZBM775X, ZBM785XX, ZBM841N, ZBM841W, ZBM841X, ZBM861SX, ZBM871SX, ZBM878B, ZBM878N, ZBM878W, ZBM878X, ZBM879SB, ZBM879SW, ZBM879SX, ZBM972ALU, ZBM973ALU, ZBM973X, ZBM974ALU, ZBN714B, ZBN714N, ZBN714W, ZBN714X, ZBN760N, ZBN760W, ZBN760X, ZBN763N, ZBN763W, ZBN763X, ZBN766N, ZBN766W, ZBN766X, ZBQ365 X, ZBQ365B, ZBQ365N, ZBQ365W, ZBQ631N, ZBQ631W, ZBQ631X, ZBQ665ALU, ZBQ665ALUR, ZBQ665N, ZBQ665W, ZBQ665X, ZBQ665XR, ZBQ861A, ZBQ861N, ZBQ861W, ZBQ861X, ZBQ861Y, ZBQ961SALU, ZBQ961SN, ZBQ961SW, ZBQ961SX, ZBQ965ALU, ZBQ965ALUR, ZBQ965N, ZBQ965W, ZBQ965X, ZBQ965XR, ZBQ974ALU, ZBQ974N, ZBQ974W, ZBQ974X, ZBS663 X, ZBS772X, ZBS773X, ZBS869W, ZBS869X, ZBS963X, ZCE700X, ZCG75DCN, ZCG75DCX, ZCM700X, ZCM75DCN, ZCM75DCX, ZCM75XV, ZDA45B, ZDA55W, ZDM869X, ZH84N/ZHM, ZH84W/ZHM, ZH84X/ZHM, ZHC762PC, ZHC762PN, ZHM725B, ZHM725W, ZHM725X, ZHM733IN, ZHM733IX, ZHM733N, ZHM733X, ZHM735N, ZHM735N/1, ZHM735W, ZHM735W/1, ZHM735X, ZHM735X/1, ZHM741PN/1, ZHM741PW/1, ZHM741W, ZHM743W, ZHM743X, ZHM753IN, ZHM753IW, ZHM753IX, ZHM761PN/I, ZHM761PW/1, ZHM761PX/I, ZHM762PN, ZHM762PW, ZHM762PX, ZHM773N, ZHM773W, ZHM773X, ZHM833IN, ZHM833IW, ZHM833IWA, ZHM833IX, ZHM833IXA, ZHQ631N, ZHQ631W, ZHQ631X, ZHQ861N, ZHQ861W, ZHQ861X, ZKB7429DX, ZKH0014X, ZLN76AMS, ZLW76AMS, ZLX76AMS, ZOA5VAP, ZOB341N, ZOB341W, ZOB341X, ZOB4, ZOB5, ZOB641W, ZOB641X, ZOB651CG, ZOB651N, ZOB651W, ZOB651X, ZOB652N, ZOB652W, ZOB652X, ZOB653A, ZOB653B, ZOB653W, ZOB653X, ZOB661QN, ZOB661QW, ZOB661QX, ZOB671QN, ZOB671QW, ZOB671QX, ZOB681A, ZOB681B, ZOB681W, ZOB681X, ZOB7, ZOB7SO, ZOB851QX, ZOB861SX, ZOB881QA, ZOB881QN, ZOB881QW, ZOB881QX, ZOB882QN, ZOB882QW, ZOB882QX, ZOB991QLX, ZOC7, ZOS4, ZOS5, ZOS5/1, ZOS51, ZOS5NK, ZOS5SK, ZOS7, ZOS71L, ZOU341N, ZOU341W, ZOU341X, ZOU342B, ZOU342IN, ZOU342IW, ZOU342IWH, ZOU342IX, ZOU342IXH, ZOU342N, ZOU342W, ZOU342X, ZOU398B, ZOU398W, ZOU398X, ZOU443A, ZOU443B, ZOU443N, ZOU443W, ZOU443X, ZOU651N, ZOU651N/1, ZOU651W/1, ZOU651X, ZOU651X/1, ZOU652IN, ZOU652INH, ZOU652IW, ZOU652IWH, ZOU652IX, ZOU652IXH, ZOU652N, ZOU652W, ZOU652X, ZOU653A, ZOU653B, ZOU653W, ZOU653X, ZOU660IX, ZOU660XI, ZOU661QN, ZOU661QW, ZOU661QX, ZOU681A, ZOU681B, ZOU681W, ZOU681X, ZOU851X, ZOU853A, ZOU853B, ZOU853W, ZOU853X, ZOU881A, ZOU881B, ZOU881W, ZOU881X, ZOU882QN, ZOU882QW, ZOU882QX, ZOU883ALU, ZOU883QA, ZOU883QX, ZOU883X, ZOW4, ZOW5, ZOW5/1

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