Zanussi 3570039010 Genuine Fan Oven Element

ZanussiSKU: Zanussi39010-C84-A
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Genuine 2500 Watts Fan Oven Element only for the Zanussi models as listed b low

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More Information

Fits brand: Zanussi

Genuine Part: Yes

Replaces: 3570144018, 4399990075030, 4399990075089, 50025631008, 50025701009

Wattage: 2500 Watts

Dimensions: Height: 260mm Width: 195mm Bracket: 70mm Tags: 25mm

Fits models: AHE4132UD, B14OVE, BC531, BM40, BM41, BM441, BM496EW, BM50, BM541, BM90E, BM91C, BM91E, BM91EB, BM91EN, BM91ES, BM91EW, BM91EX, BM91X, BM96EN, BM96EW, BM96EX, BMC441, BMC541, BMC541W, BMCW441, BMN441, BMN491E, BMN494ES, BMN496E, BMN541, BMS641A, BMS641A1, BMS641N, BMS641N1, BMS641W, BMS641W1, BMS641X, BMS641X1, BMS641Y, BMS641Y1, BMW40, BMW41, BMW441, BMW491E, BMW494ES, BMW50, BMW541, BMX441, BMX541, BST6A, BST6N, BST6W, BST6Y, EB25, EB55, EB59, EB59CE, EC29, EC31, EC5614, EC9614, FB1523, FB1533, FB157, FB158, FB15873/B, FB15873/W, FB5, FB500, FB510, FB513M, FB515, FB550, FB560, FB563, FB565, FB610, FB610E, FB613, FBI523/A, FBI533/A, FBI533SS, FBI533Z, FBI534/31B, FBI534/31W, FBI583, FBI773B, FBI773W, FBI783B, FBI783W, FBI783X, FC31, FM10, FM11, FM15, FM16, FM20, FM21, FM22, FM31, FM32, FM342G, FM343GW, FM5101, FM5230, FM5231, FM5232, FM56, FM5611, FM5612, FM6, FM9101, FM9230, FM9231, FM9232, FM9411, FM9412, FM9611, FM9612, FMC442N, FMC442W, FMW5613, FMW9613, GIX, HM116, HM491, HM491N, HM491W, HM491X, HM492PN, HM492PW, HM492PX, HM493PN, HM493PW, HM493PX, HM496E, HM496NE, HM496WE, HM497E, HM497EN, HM497EW, HM50, HM591, HM591N, HM591W, HM591X, HM596E, HM596NE, HM596WE, HM90, HM91, HM91X, HM92, HM92P, HM95E, HM96C, HM96E, HM96X, HMW116, HMW50, MC19M, MC20, MC20M, MC20MG, MC5634, MC9634, MF5, PC30, PC30W, R140, R140VE, SC40, Z140, ZBC748C, ZBC748G, ZBD902B, ZBD902W, ZBD903B, ZBD903W, ZBD904, ZBD904B, ZBD904W, ZBF760B, ZBF760W, ZBS701B, ZBS701W, ZBS703A, ZBS703B, ZBS703BL, ZBS703SS, ZBS703W, ZCE7000B, ZCE7000W, ZCM5200B, ZCM5200W, ZCW7000B, ZDA45B, ZDA45W, ZDA55B, ZDA55W, ZDE55W, ZDM769X, ZE942, ZE943L, ZG951, ZM962, ZMD905W, ZSA10B, ZSA10W, ZSA15B, ZSA15W, ZSA25B, ZSA25W, ZSA35B, ZSA35W, ZSF30W, ZSM35W, ZSM703SS, ZSM705W

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