Zanussi 3740636216 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element

ZanussiSKU: Zanussi636216-FS
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Genuine 1800 Watts Ceramic Hotplate Element only for the Zanussi model numbers as listed below

If your model number is not listed, please contact us using our chat system, or call us 0121-382-2305

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More Information

Fits brand: Zanussi

Genuine Part: Yes

Replaces: 1250210077004, 1250214212003, 1250297976003, 1906917867, 1906917883, 22220424000, 259111010015, 2924289580069, 3051616013, 3051654014, 3051710113, 3051714032, 3051714131, 3051718116, 3051740110, 311098440002, 311098517007, 3191344005, 3254599503, 3370210019, 3730002213, 3730002569, 3730004912, 3740034131, 3740034370, 3740636018, 3740706019, 3742901055, 3742901162, 3742901352, 3742901428, 3742938008, 3890710241, 3890711041, 3890711249, 3890741212, 3890851011, 3911734014, 3931598019, 4003226992, 4003309996, 4003334994, 4006107363, 4006187274, 4021809993, 4210013290003, 4210021589008, 50220424993, 50770218001, 540227757007, 540232548003, 6055485012, 6055494014, 6055494030, 722042409994, 777021809994, 777027309098, 777027309999, 777220424009, 777770204009, 8993740636012, 8996612204017, 8996612313115, 8996612565011, 8996612584012, 8996613311217, 8996613313411, 8996613319210, 8996613319616, 8996613338418, 8996613346510, 8996619088777, 8996619097257, 900004102340, 950954016, 951987007

Wattage: 1800 Watts

Dimensions: Diameter: 180mm

Fits models: CC2024H, DEK204-9, DN60HEC, DN80HEC, ESK604, GB25N, GB25W, GB27N, GB27W, GB29N, GB29W, GB37N, GB37W, GB39N, GB39W, GB42R, GB42R2H, GB42RH, GB542R, GB542R2H, GB542RH, GHN65TC, GHX65TC, GN600R, GN601HR, GN601HR2, GNP623EH, GNP62EH, GNP63, GNP63E, GNP64, GNP643, GR50002H, GR5000H, GR51002H, GRW50002H, GRW5000H, GRW51002H, GW600R, GW601HR, GW601HR2, GWP62EH, GWP63E, GWP64, GX600R, GX601HR, GXP62EH, GXP63E, GXP64, GXP643, KT740R, RN71HER, RW71HER, RX71HER, WIZARDHOB, Z40BHC, Z635M, ZAV6040XBA EA6, ZAV6046XBA DP8, ZC604VW1, ZC6675B, ZC6675B 08O, ZC6675F DC8, ZC6675N, ZC6675W, ZC6675W 08O, ZC6675W AH2, ZC6675X, ZC6675X 08O, ZC6675X AH2, ZC6685BV, ZC6685BV V78, ZC6685N, ZC6685N AE7, ZC6685W, ZC6685X, ZC6685X AE7, ZC6695BV, ZC6695N, ZC6695W, ZC6695X, ZC6695X AH5, ZCC 630 N, ZCC604N, ZCV511N, ZCV5600, ZCV560ML, ZCV560MW, ZCV560MW1, ZCV560MX, ZCV560MX1, ZCV560NW, ZCV560NW1, ZCV560NX, ZCV561ML, ZCV561MW, ZCV561MW/230V, ZCV561MW1, ZCV561NW, ZCV562MW, ZCV562MX, ZCV562NW, ZCV562NW1, ZCV564NW, ZCV564NW1, ZCV564NX, ZCV6601MW, ZCV6601MWC, ZCV6601MX, ZCV6601MXC, ZCV6602MW, ZCV6603MW, ZCV6603MX, ZCV662MW, ZEV6040FBA EB2, ZEV6040XBA EA6, ZEV6041XBA DW6, ZEV6046XBA DP8, ZEV6140NBA DV6, ZEV6940FBA EO7, ZEV6940XBA EO8, ZGR2104, ZGR2315, ZGR2404, ZGR3113H, ZGR3122H, ZGR3226H, ZGR3226HL, ZGRN2404, ZGRN3226H, ZGRN3226HL, ZGRS3213H, ZGRW2304, ZGRW2315, ZGRW2404, ZGRW3226H, ZGRW3226HL, ZGRW3313H, ZGRW3320, ZGRW3322H, ZGRX2404, ZGRX3226H, ZGRX3226HL, ZK54A, ZK54B, ZK54C, ZK59, ZK600F ET8, ZK621L, ZK621LN, ZK621LW, ZK621LX, ZK630ALU, ZK630F 98P, ZK630F EU2, ZK630L, ZK630L 09O, ZK630LN, ZK630LN 09O, ZK630LN AG6, ZK630LW, ZK630LW 09O, ZK630LX, ZK630LX 09O, ZK640LB, ZK640LN, ZK640LW, ZK640LX, ZK661X 66B, ZK661X AG5, ZK661X ZANUSSI, ZK69, ZKC6040S, ZKC6040W, ZKC6040X, ZKF641B, ZKF641F 24M, ZKF641F 27L, ZKF641HB, ZKF641HN, ZKF641HW, ZKF641HX, ZKF641N, ZKF641W, ZKF641X, ZKF641X 25M, ZKF641X 28M, ZKF641X ZAN. AUSTR, ZKF650LN, ZKF650LX, ZKF65LN, ZKF65LX, ZKF660HN, ZKH64N, ZKL64B, ZKL64N, ZKL64N 74O, ZKL64W, ZKL64X, ZKL64X 74O, ZKL64X Z69, ZKT 645LN, ZKT 645LX, ZKT6050W, ZKT6050X, ZKT620LN, ZKT620LX, ZKT621LN Y44, ZKT621LX, ZKT621LX Y44, ZKT622HN, ZKT622HX, ZKT623LB, ZKT623LN, ZKT623LW, ZKT623LX, ZKT623LX Y45, ZKT625 L BV, ZKT641H, ZKT641LN, ZKT641LX, ZKT656LX 32B, ZKT841LN, ZKT841LX, ZVM640F 17T, ZVM640F BE3, ZVM640N 01R, ZVM640X 01R, ZVM640X AA5, ZVM64N 03R, ZVM64N AE6, ZVM64N BY2, ZVM64N CO2, ZVM64X 03R, ZVM64X AE6, ZVM64X CO2

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